React Native App Development

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React Native App Development

This course is on React Native App Development.
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Course Fee: INR12000

  • Duration : 2 months
  • No Cost EMI : INR 8000 x 3 
  • Call or mail for payment: 9830247087 or mail to [email protected] 

Course Description!

React Native App Development Curriculum

Live instructor-led training

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Course content

React native Fundamentals and Overview, React Native Development Environment, Create New Project, React Native Project Structure, App.js and index.js, package.json.

View, Component & Component Lifecycle , Text , State , Props , TextInput, TouchableOpacity, Button , Style(Inline style , Using styleSheet) , FlexLayout ( flex , flexDirection , justifyContent, alignItems) , Image , Scrollview , RefreshControl , Modal , Share , ImageBackground

DrawerNavigator , CreateStackNavigator , TabNavigator, AppData , Slider , Switch , Picker , FlatList , WebView , AsyncStorage .

Check mobile Platforms , DatePickerAndroid , TimePickerAndroid , DatePickerIOS , ProgressBarAndroid , ProgressViewIOS , ToastAndroid , Alert , PermissionAndroid(Marshmellow), Keyboard handel ..

JSON Parsing using Fetch API (GET & POST), Internet Connection Handle, ActivityIndicator. Basic concept of react-redux

Camera and Gallery, Google Maps, Get Device Current Location.

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Firebase Data Base


A React Native Mobile App development both for Android and iOS environments.

On successful completion of the training and the assigned project work, students get certified as React Native Developer by Handson.

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