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Python for beginner

Python is a open source general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and high-level programming language. Learn Python programming from scractch.

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  • Duration : 1 months
  • No Cost EMI : Not Applicable

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Course Description!

Python Course Curriculum

This course covers Core Programming Principle, Introduction to python, Basics of python, Conditional statement & Loop, Function, Numeric Type, Strings, List, Tuple, Dictionary , Sets, Module and Packages, File handling, Exception Handling, OOPS concept, Introduction to Data Science, GUI Programming with Tkinter, Data Base Programming: NoSQL, Hands-on project and case studies.

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Course content

  • Introduction of python
  • History of Python
  • Why python is so famous
  • Internal & External IDLE
  • Compiler & Interpreter
  • Variable, Keywords
  • Comments & Indentation
  • Write your first program
  • Data types, Input and output function
  • Arithmetic operator, Relational Operator
  • Assignment Operator
  • Logical operator, Bitwise operator
  • Membership Operator, Identity Operator
  • If statement, if-else, if-elif-else, Nested if else
  • While loop, For loop
  • Nested while loop, Nested for loop
  • Break, Continue and Pass
  • Basics Defining function
  • Function call Return statement
  • Function with parameter and without parameter
  • local and global variable
  • Recursion, Anonymous (lambda) function
  • User define functions
  • Numeric type basics
  • Hexadecimal, Octal and Binary Notation
  • Complex Numbers, Type casting Numeric Functions
  • Random number generation(Using Random Modules)
  • Defining a string
  • Different ways to create string
  • Escape sequence, Raw string String methods
  • String formatting Expressions
  • Random number generation(Using Random Modules)
  • Mini project: Game creation
  • Defining a string
  • Different ways to create string
  • Escape sequence, Raw string String methods
  • String formatting Expressions
  • Assignments
  • Defining & Creating list, Accessing list elements of list
  • List methods, Functions used with list
  • Implementation of stack and queue using list
  • Matrix & Cube implementation
  • List comprehension: Questions
  • Defining & Creating a tuple
  • Tuple Operation
  • Tuple Methods, Functions used with tuple
  • Defining & Creating a dictionary
  • Accessing elements of dictionary
  • Dictionary methods
  • Dictionary Comprehension
  • Defining & Creating set
  • Set operations & methods
  • Set comprehension
  • Compares of all python data type
  • Defining module, Importing module
  • Dir(), Module search path, Sys module, Os module
  • Namespace
  • Defining and create package
  • Installing third party packages
  • Assignments
  • Practical Implementation
  • Defining a file, Types of file and it’s operations
  • Opening a File, Closing file, File modes, File attributes
  • Writing to file, Reading from file, Appending to file
  • File positions, Binary file
  • Pickle module
  • Defining an exception & Default exception handler
  • Exception handling techniques
  • Detecting Exception (try)
  • Catching exceptions (except)
  • Catching multiple exceptions
  • Raising exception (raise)
  • Finally block
  • OOPS concepts Defining
  • Class Creating object, Constructor
  • Self Parameter
  • Method vs function Calling methods
  • Instance method, class method & Static method 
  • Method Overriding
  • List of objects Inheritance
  • Examples
  • Data understanding: real life example
  • Why data science and machine learning is future
  • Data science libraries: Numpy, pandas, Matplotlib, etc
  • Introduction to tkinter
  • Creating a window Tkinter widgets Label
  • Label, EntryBox, TextBox, Button Entry
  • Button Entry Messagebox List, Radio Button, CheckButton
  • Creating Frame, Creating Menu Assignments on tkinter
  • Examples
  • Overview of MongoDB, Environment setup, MongoDB compass
  • Create database, Create Collection
  • Working with python
  • Insert document, Query document, Delete document
  • Update document, Projection
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