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PHP Web Development

PHP is currently ranked as the most sought-after skill in JOB Market for web development. Hands-on PHP Web development course is best suits fresher. PHP is free as well as secured web scripting language. This is the reason for its widespread popularity in the world of internet. PHP runs on more than 20 million websites including Facebook & Wikipedia.
There are many PHP training courses but Handson course curriculum developed with 100% practical approach and is always counted among the top  PHP courses because of it’s high-quality training and excellent placement track record.

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Course Fee : INR 12,000

  • Duration : 2 months
  • No Cost EMI : INR 6000 x 2 

NEFT Payment :Bank Account details-Account Name – KLMS Hands-On Systems Private Limited, Account No – 50200042627525, IFSC – HDFC000027


Course Description!

PHP Web Development course structure

Live instructor-led online training

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Course content

HTML Tags, Table/Div, Forms, Image, Form, CSS syntax, selectors ,CSS properties, Javascript concept, Javascript events, various types of validation, JQuery concept, JQuery functions, useful plugins

PHP Syntax, Comments, Variables, Value-passing, Conditional-statements, Loops, Arrays, Inbuilt and User-defined functions, Session, Cookies, PHP-Errors.

Database concept, SQL-Query(Create, Insert, Delete, Update, Select[with join]), Fundamental of Normalization [Data Redundancy & Foreign Key Constraints], Trigger and Store Procedure.

SQL-Query(Create, Insert, Delete, Update, Select[with join] using PHP), file upload, Ajax Concept.

Object Oriented Programming through PHP with all types of MySql operation, Detail knowledge about class, object, inheritance, polymorphism, different types of variable in a class, encapsulation, Constructor, Destructor, Abstract class, Scalar Type Declaration, Traits, Generator Delegation, Coercive Mode, Namespace-Use, yield-return, Object Oriented Programming with Database Connectivity by PDO.

Code writing in MVC architecture. Knowledge of Codeigniter framework, Basic PHP operation and database operation in Codeigniter, Some Advanced Features in Codeigniter [like Routing, Email Sending etc.]

Project Development (based on MVC architecture)

At the end of module 6 students get the expertise to develop an industry standard PHP project. So, at this stage, we provide project works to the students which they execute following a proper Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and guide them to make that live at any of the free Hosting Servers.

Concept & Advantages of Web Services, JSON Format, JSON Parse, Rest Web Services, JWT Token, Case studies of Web Services on large Operation along with Database Communication through PHP.

Single sign on through GMAIL and FACEBOOK. PAYPAL Payment gateway Integration through sandbox account.

Back end development, create custom page, create custom plugin, create custom widgets etc) & a Case Study.



On successful completion of the training and the assigned project work, students get certified as Trainee PHP Developer by Handson.

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Using a hands-on approach to training, participants will adopt the form of learning that typically benefit from the most. It allows people to learn by doing.



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This comprehensive collection gives your professional development. Access to our self faced training courses with Gamifying learning approach and resources that will enable, educate, prepare, and empower with very reasonable fees.

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Handson virtual internship program includes a 4-6 week program on different subject areas for 3rd year/final year’s students to gain guaranteed internship experience. Gain Hands-on experience which will help you crack your campus/off-campus interviews.

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