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4 to 6 Weeks Handson Training

We provide 4 to 6 weeks of internship for students to get placed in their dream companies!! Whether you are pursuing a technical course like B.Tech, M.Tech, BCA, and MCA, you once have to go through some internship in different college semesters. At that time, you have to submit major or minor projects through which colleges, universities get the idea that this student has completed this training and his degree. Through Handson internship, students get industry work experience. 

Industrial Training Courses

Wide range of internship opportunities for students to learn, explore and experience the course work.

Experienced Mentor

Learn new technologies with highly experienced mentors and industry professionals.


  • Wide range of beginners and specialty internship courses
  • Opportunity to learn from India’s best internship and learning portal
  • Extensive assessments
  • Preferred by top-notch industrial, manufacturing and technical organizations

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Handson Internships makes a significant impact on a student’s life. After completing internship, students will not just have theoretical knowledge of the subjects, but they will learn all things practically by doing real-time work of industry. No one gets the job in the industry as per their theoretical knowledge, as no one is interested in your theory knowledge. 

Nowadays, companies look forward to those students who work productively, which you can learn with our internship program. Handson Internships program is for Computer science, Information technology, or Electronics and communication students. These three field students have a lot of work to do with various technologies like Data Science, Java, RDBMS using Oracle, Python, SAS, Machine Learning, .NET MVC, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Angular, Django, and many more.


HandsonTM Internship for BE/B.Tech/BCA/BBA/BSc IT/MBA/MCA/M.Tech

Data Science(AI)


RDBMS using Oracle


Machine Learning using R


Full Stacj Development(JAVA)


Internet of Things (IoT)


Microsoft .NET MVC


Java Programming



  • Data Science with Artificial Intelligence
  • RDBMS and its applications using Oracle
  • Full Stack Development using Java
  • Web Development using Servlet, JSP, JDBC
  • Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking using Python
  • Full Stack Web Development using MEAN Stack
  • Data Science and Machine Learning using Python
  • Deep Learning using TensorFlow and Keras
  • Machine Learning using R
  • Full Stack Web Development using MERN Stack
  • Python Programming and Applications
  • Web Development with Python and Django
  • Internet of Things IoT
  • Microsoft .NET MVC
  • Java Programming
  • Angular
  • Selenium
  • Big Data Hadoop
  • Java Enterprise Edition JEE
  • Android Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development with React Native
  • Mobile Application Development with Flutter
  • BlockChain Development with BitCoin and Ethereum
  • Spring and Hibernate
  • PHP and MySQL
  • Oracle SQL and PL SQL
  • Oracle DBA
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Professional C++ Programming
  • Professional C Programming
  • Data Structures using C or C++ or Java or Python
  • PHP MySQL with CodeIgniter
  • PHP with Laravel
  • NET
  • Cloud Computing with AWS
  • Networking using CISCO Tools
  • Web Designing
  • Campus Placement Training
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Science and Analysis with Python
  • Full Stack Development
  • Software Project Management
  • DevOps-Kubernetes, Docker
  • Python Django
  • MongoDB
  • ITIL
  • TKinter
  • Ethical hacking
  • Web development
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