SAS Base Programming

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Base SAS Course Programming Overview

This course is for students/professionals who want to learn how to write SAS programs to access, explore, prepare, and analyze data. Learn Base SAS and get globally recognized to move forward with SAS programming. One of the easiest ways to get your foot inside the door of the Analytics Industry is to get yourself SAS certified. This certification course will help you during Interview short listing if your CV mentions you have Base SAS certifications. Our SAS modules have been developed to prepare students to clear these certifications.

Sample Cetificate

Course Fees: 12000

  • Duration : 48 hours/2 months
  • No Cost EMI : INR 6000 x 2 month

NEFT Payment :Bank account details: Account Name – KLMS Hands-On Systems Private Limited, Account No – 50200042627525, IFSC – HDFC000027

Support :9830247087

Course Description!

Base SAS Course Curriculum

This course covers SAS Essentials –Programming, Producing SAS List Report, Enhancing Output, Creating SAS® Data Sets, DATA Step Programming, Combining SAS Data Sets, Producing Summary Reports,Introduction to Graphics, Controlling Input and Output, Summarizing Data. Reading & Writing Different Types of Data, Data Transformations, Debugging Techniques, Processing Data Iteratively, Combining SAS® Data Sets.

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Course content

  • An Overview of the SAS System
  • Introduction to SAS Programs
  • Running SAS Programs
  • Mastering Fundamental Concepts
  • Diagnosing and Correcting Syntax Errors
  • Exploring Your SAS Environment
  • SAS Data Libraries
  • Getting Started With the PRINT Procedure
  • Sequencing and Grouping Observations
  • Identifying Observations
  • Special WHERE Statement Operators
  • Customizing Report Appearance
  • Formatting Data Values
  • Creating HTML Reports
  • Reading Raw Data Files: Column Input
  • Reading Raw Data Files: Formatted Input
  • Examining Data Errors
  • Assigning Variable Attributes
  • Changing Variable Attributes    
  • Reading Excel Spreadsheets
  • Reading SAS Data Sets and Creating Variables
  • Conditional Processing
  • Dropping and Keeping Variables
  • Reading Excel Spreadsheets Containing Date Fields
  • Concatenating SAS Data Sets
  • Merging SAS Data Sets
  • Combining SAS Data Sets : Additional Features
  • Introduction of Summary Reports.
  • Basic Summary Reports
  • The Report Procedure
  • The Tabulate Procedure
  • Producing Bar and pie Chart
  • Enhancing output
  • Producing Plots
  • Overview
  • Review of SAS basics
  • Review of DATA Step Processing
  • Review of Displaying SAS Data Sets
  • Working with Existing SAS Data Sets
  • Outputting Multiple Observations
  • Writing to Multiple SAS Data Sets
  • Selecting Variables and Observations
  • Writing to an External File
  • Creating an Accumulating Total variable
  • Accumulating Totals for a Group of Data
  • Reading Delimited Raw Data Files
  • Controlling When a Record Loads
  • Reading Hierarchical Raw data Files
  • Introduction
  • Manipulating Character values
  • Manipulating Numeric values
  • Manipulating Numeric values based on Dates
  • Converting variable Type
  • Using the PUT Statement
  • Using the DEBUG Option
  • Do Loop Processing
  • SAS Array Processing
  • Using SAS Arrays
  • Match-merging Two or more SAS Data Sets
  • Simple Joins Using the SQL Procedure
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